Standard Title Panels


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There is currently a 5 business day lead time on any title panels

IMS Alliance® is proud to offer this additional layer of Identification and Accountability with our Retro-Reflective Interchangeable Title Panels. Designed for use with our Incident Command & Accountability Vests with Velcro® Panels.
Each Title Panel set includes 1 FRONT (1.875″ x 12″) and 1 BACK (3.875″ x 12″) and are manufactured in house using Velcro® and 3M brand materials.

All Panels are printed with CAPITAL LETTERS.

Additional information

Weight 0.09 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 12 × .25 in

Admin Finance, Aide, Air Ops, Base Manager, Communications, Decontamination, Dive Team, Division, Extrication, Finance Section Chief, Fire Marshal, Group, Hazmat, Hazmat Branch Director, Incident Commander, Liaison, Logistics, Logistics Section Chief, Medical, Operations, Operations Section Chief, PIO, Planning, Planning Section Chief, Procurement Unit Leader, Rehab, Rescue, Resource Unit Leader, Safety, Safety Officer, Situation Unit Leader, Staging, Staging Manager, Supplies, Transport, Treatment, Triage, Utilities, Ventilation, Water Supply


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