The Fire Suppression Kit includes (1) ea of these Boards:

Incident Command (23×31)
Fire Suppression (11×18)
Branch Director (9×12.5)
Division/Group Supervisor (9×12.5)
Incident Safety Officer (11×18)
RIT Rescue Branch (9×12.5)
RIT Controller (11×18)
RIT Readiness Responsibilities (9×12.5)
Base Manager (11×18)
Rehab Officer Checklist (11×18)

Plus these Accessories:

(1) Board Timer
(1) Nylon Portfolio Bag for 11×18 Boards and smaller
(4) Adjustable Nylon Board Straps
(4) Sharpie Permanent Markers

IMS Alliance® recommends the use of Sharpie® or WetRite brand permanent markers with our Incident Command Boards. In order to remove the permanent marker IMS Alliance® recommends the use of an alcohol swab/pad.